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How and Why I Built Automated Sales Systems

Written by Reed

Why the hell would I trust a startup email provider to build sales systems?

I could have used MailChimp, or better, Campaign Monitor as the business IS just down the road. But I chose Drip.

Why? It was because of power and speed.

Why I Went Automation Crazy?

Recently I took a few days out from my day job and have my side business tick over nicely just how I’d expected it when I set it up.

I was on holidays watching Netflix, running around the park with my dogs on a sunny autumn day and having a brilliant time, and then I head over to a BBQ at my brother-in-law-to-be’s house and I was gobsmacked…

He showed me his almighty home-brew automation (shown below). See that white box with all the controls? That’s what Drip is for me.

He was only a hobbiest. And he had invested in his setup.


I was filthy. Why had I set my sights so low with my system. I had merely tried to just replace myself out of the parts I didn’t want to do. And zero of what I wanted to do. Rendering my ability to scale quite small.

Due to my restraints of time I couldn’t allow for a large product or investment into development (not a valid excuse). So with the last few days up my sleeve I built out some insane automation, with a US$1,000 investment with Brennan Dunn’s Drip Pro Tools (bundled with his Drip course). You don’t need Drip Pro Tools to get the most out of Drip but I wanted to make the most of personalisation on site.

Drip Pro Tools gives me the ability to start passively profiling customers and doing a lot more targeted positioning, and then I can start answering a lot more questions of your online business. In the past it has mainly been someone asks something of me, that fuels me to write something a surface level and not as evergreen and in depth as it could be.

What benefits does my new system provide exactly?

  • Articles are read and customers favourite categories are set in Drip
  • Customers are shown offers specifically to where they need to go next with your business with modals
  • Overriding headlines to give a better sense of the benefits for that specific customer
  • Triggered emails based on surveys for customers to get invited to webinars, events, etc.
  • Plus a lot more interaction with Drip

Give me a shout if you want a run through of what exactly I’ve done here. And if you have a budget for this or know anyone with a budget for this sort of thing please remember I offer the 10% referrals.

What Do My Online Business Sales Systems Look Like?

Whether it’s marketing, sales or bookkeeping. I want you to look where your time is going in your business.
A lot of you are either trying to get started or scale rapidly. And both things require business intelligence that allows to execute the things in the business you’re best at. What this means is everything you’re not an expert at, get someone else onto.

My systems were failing me and I just quickly overhauled a few things that I was testing and I started seeing some cool results in some prime areas of my productised WordPress offering.

I have a full-time job and is my side hustle. I’m on track to make $40,000 helping small businesses using WordPress and WooCommerce store owners. Do you think I could do it without durable systems? I’d end up pissing off the people in my day job, my freelance clients or my fiancée. I want none of that.

So I build better systems. Want to see what my whole system looks like now? Have a look:

How I’m Onboarding New Clients

  • I have clients fill out a form by Gravity Forms
  • It triggers an automated series of qualifying emails through
  • That is triggered by Zapier to show my sales funnel in Pipedrive

Productised Services Intake

Invoicing & Cash Accounting System

  • Sprout Apps that are controlled by Gravity Forms to produce invoices on the majority of services, automated by Zapier
  • Zapier also triggers Pipedrive to show won/lost deals and value of customers.
  • Another handy thing Sprout Apps does is generate my GST if I make over the threshold.

Nerdy I know though a lot of the stuff I have internally doesn’t really have much programming at all it just makes another app talking to another app so I don’t have to.

Cheers for checking it out, I hope you got some value out of this or at least a new tool to use. I also have a resources page I’m working on at the moment which should be super valuable for you.