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What Should an Ecommerce CEO Focus On?

Talking with one of my customers this week. They were talking about how they needed to be less in the weeds, as they were a CEO, I agreed. This lead me to write down what a current CEO role looks like. What does a modern ecommerce CEO look like? They are in charge of what … Read more


What Happens When You Don’t Offer a High-Priced Option?

When my clients think about pricing, they often get into thinking about offering a price that a number of people would prefer be the number on the tag. What happens is they sell to an average in a segment. This segment is defined by a sole persona, and doesn’t become a perfect fit for anyone. … Read more

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Modern Marketing

I had an old friend come to me and ask me about graphic design and how it’s value has changed. I agreed, though it’s value isn’t changed of itself, advertising has changed. Modern marketing is comprised of 3 parts: traffic, conversion and economics. I feel value in advertising has changed because the platforms we use … Read more


Pricing is Underrated

You probably set your pricing and forget about it. Commercial airliners change their pricing 11,000,000 times per day. Uber has an insanely complicated pricing system that takes into account distance, demand and experience. They’re just an app which is an improvement on taxies. What do you sell? And how many different prices should you have?


Speeding Up Feedback Loops

Years ago I attended a UX Australia conference, and albeit not getting many takeaways from an insufferable bunch of communists, I left with a huge feedback loop nugget from a small business app for photographers. The founder got up on stage and was going on about how he was struggling to find traction with his … Read more


Annual Reviews

Most smaller businesses don’t think big enough, it’s time to slow down and think about how you performed in the 2 main functions that matter, marketing and innovation. I want you to write down how you performed in the categories, and how you could be better. You have products, but you sell experiences and transformations … Read more


Growth for the Sake of Growth

I’m tired of businesses throwing around the word ‘growth’ like it means better than a solvent or profitable business. Bellroy were a very profitable business for 8-10 years, but chose to grow into an overseas market, and when they went fast they got venture-backed money to pursue it. Alvey Reels were on the verge of … Read more


What Should I Sell Online?

I was dumbfounded by this question. What should I be selling online? If you can’t find that out on your own I’d probably recommend my coaching, but not to sound needy I’ll point out what a basic concept to most should be. It comes in 3 forms. Services, products and education. Sure we could argue … Read more