How and Why I Built Automated Sales Systems

Why the hell would I trust a startup email provider to build sales systems? I could have used MailChimp, or better, Campaign Monitor as the business IS just down the road. But I chose Drip. Why? It was because of power and speed. Why I Went Automation Crazy? Recently I took a few days out from my … Read more

How I Increased a Beachwear’s Page Value 187% in 3 Weeks

Increasing page value in Google Analytics isn’t a super talked about thing and I really think it should be.  It is a clear indicator of increased value…throughout the whole website (or application). Also probably the one thing that can speak true if you’re hiring someone like me to grow your online business.

I conducted this test with zero paid marketing and measured only on-site analytics (and using the desktop site, this business has an older demo so cool your jets before we start optimising mobile).

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