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Shopify is arming the rebels. I’ve researched 700 Shopify stores in Australia. And I know who has what it takes to succeed. Most are miss the mark drastically. Imagine beating them, without stress, without thinking about your competitors much at all?

Shopify Expert Brisbane - Expert in Shopify Platform and Conversion Rate Optimisation

On Perry Marshall’s marketing triangle, he states economics, conversion and traffic. I sit on the first two. If you are getting your traffic right there is so much more you are missing out with your Shopify store based on your:

  • Opportunity – Should we be spending more on traffic?
  • Relationship – Should we discount? And what makes sense based on our product and brand
  • Customer Success – What kind of success do our products give our customers. And are we tracking metrics that improve that success?
  • Customer Experience – What is overall experience for our customer? Is one that is where trade is win-win for each party?

When you hire a Shopify Expert they need to know about a number of potential outcomes, they need to coach you with advice that fits the type of store owner you are. Sure I use a blanket statement in my marketing. But you aren’t me. Every single store is different. You look at profit a lot differently than your main competitor.

Your Shopify Expert Should Help You Succeed!

When I find a project that will be profitable for you, I’ll go hard at meeting those objectives we set together.

Your Shopify store should have noticeable changes in outcomes after working together. I guarantee this on the outset. Are any other Shopify experts offering a guarantee? I think you’d be hard pressed to find one. I offer Reed’s Agreed Pricing, a guarantee and a tip clause.

I am that confident, when I put a proposal in front of you to improve your Shopify store that you’ll receive a large ROI after working together.

How a Shopify Expert can Help Store Owners

  • Replatforming to Shopify from Woocommerce or Magento
  • Optimising Shopify apps
  • Store audit & reviews for Shopify store owners
  • Training & consulting for Shopify store owners
  • Marketing growth strategy for Shopify store owners
  • Syncing with Facebook & Google Ads for your store
  • Shopify conversion optimisation

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