[Case Study] Design Express - Designing the Ultimate Sales Page - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

[Case Study] Design Express – Designing the Ultimate Sales Page

Written by Reed

When Petzyo came to they had a bunch of ideas on where they thought they needed to go. I priced them up and it landed a little off. So I offered up my lower priced, quick engagement to redesign their homepage with my Design Express product.

What did Petzyo Look Like Before?

  1. Masthead
  2. Benefits
  3. How it Works
  4. Designed for Dogs
  5. Direct to Your Door
  6. Lowest Prices Always
  7. Testimonials
  8. Footer
  9. Pay With
  10. Copyright

Who were the “characters” in this story, both on your end and the client end?

David, CEO of Petzyo.

What business problem did you solve?

A conceptual look at reducing churn.

By showing what strategic innovation and brand could look like in the future and how a new content strategy would improve churn.

What pain was the business problem causing your client?

It was causing headaches around keeping their best customers on board.

What was your client’s overall mood around this problem? Fearful? Anxious? Cautiously optimistic? etc.

Not really fearful, they wanted improvement of brand and conversion.

What would have happened if the client wasn’t able to solve this problem with your help?

More customers leaving, loss of revenue, loss of profits due to product stock loss.

What makes this particular problem either unique or common to other clients you want to work with?

Keeping current, good customers for longer.

What did you do to solve the problem?

We built a better structured homepage with clearer communication around why Petzyo! was different to the rest.

What was unique about your solution (both technically and in terms of customer service)?

It presented the brand in a more modern way and the content lent itself to a conveyor belt content strategy. There I got to drive the user through to buy once they were more product aware.

If your products benefits are clearer to the customer they are likely to stick around longer.

What pitfalls did you avoid in executing your solution? What financial loss do you believe you saved your client in the process?

I believe pushing the Design Express service after not going for big project approach gave a better insight into what their brand could be working with an expert on ecommerce without risking it all.

Taking on a consultant is risky for a small business. They could have got a coat of paint anywhere, but my strategic thinking was the meat and potatoes of value in this case.

What benefits did the client receive from your solution/working with you? In particular, were there financial upsides?

The client got in the door at around my lowest price for an engagement. And then pushed for a full project once they could trust that the outcome would be a sound investment.

Pretty normal in business investments.

Their solution should 20x what they spent on me. I’d be surprised if it didn’t. I make sure I don’t write a proposal unless I’m sure I can give 3x the return.

How did you improve your client’s business position or outcomes?

I gave them a homepage that lead customers down the path for their 2-product offering. It made customers more product aware, benefit aware and made them excited to be a part of the brand.

What did Petzyo Look Like After?

  1. Pain of Customer
  2. Dream of Customer
  3. Fix of Customer (show product)
  4. 1st Call to Action
  5. Social Proof
  6. Product
  7. Overcome Objections & Uniqueness
  8. Testimonials
  9. 2nd Call to Action
  10. Guarantee
  11. 4-column Footer with Newsletter Signup