Business Policy - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

Business Policy

The Big Intro

I only undertake projects where we mutually agree that the price you pay is less than (3x) the value I provide – Shamelessly stolen from McKinsey


If you don’t want success for me, you don’t get to work with me.


Design and business consulting for ecommerce businesses.


I don’t send unattended proposals out into the world, as proposals are contextual to scope of value.


Customised for maximum fit, my game isn’t # of clients. My goal is to provide you with a dramatic ROI, while providing equitable compensation to me.


Are for access and advisory only. Everything else is considered ‘project-based’ or ‘productised’.


I always speak transparently about money (privately of course), if that scares you I don’t think we can do business.

Levels of Business

I have different levels of business. You’ll pay commensurate to the value I provide. So a small DTC brand usually pays a different price compared to an ASX200 company.


If you can’t trust me early in the engagement to not snitch, why do business?