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Design Express: The Quick and Effective Design Service

1 Page…

You pick one page on your site or app for me to redesign.

…in 1 Week…

In just 7 days, I’ll revamp the page to make it more useful and usable.

…for $997.

The quality that has worked for all types of businesses. It’s quick, affordable and effective.

How does it work?

  1. You pick a single page on your site: your homepage, a product page, a search results page, a complicated form or data table, or anything else — it’s your choice.
  2. You answer my 10 questions about the page, then pay: A brief questionnaire will help identify your goals and expectations for your design.
  3. I design the ultimate prototype of the page: I’ll drastically improve the design, usability, structure, layout, copywriting, and flow of the page.
  4. I deliver a summary report: This document (PDF format) displays the new page and offers a before-and-after comparison explaining the benefits of the redesign.

* Design Express is modelled off 37 Signals productised service from 2004. 

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