Designing for the Second Sale - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

Designing for the Second Sale

Written by Reed

I’m a fast and slow seller. I let new business blast my ears off in my initial consult call and then I push for a high value engagement much later down the track when I’ve given away a bunch of value elsewhere.

I’ve usually seen their problem 10-30 times. I could close then and. But why do I simply relax and not jump in and close?


The way I price has a lot to do with how I sell. It’s by design. My pricing process is setting my client up for the 2nd and 3rd sales. I always have an end of an engagement so we can go again later down the track and the client sees the success we had together and calls me down the track.

With screen design we can optimise the process to be a conveyor belt of steps that directly upsells after the initial item we want. And we can control the second sale in that process or in the backend.

But why does it matter?

I think with subscription products, consider the value a user gets as peaks and troughs. And once a user receives a product (physical or digital), they are at the peak of value received. And at the time of replenishment, they are at their lowest.

We have the option now to keep that value higher by rewarding the user with points in their subscription or some tactic or gimmick to improve the situation of the customer.

So it’s actually a customer experience strategy to focus on designing an experience for the second sale in mind.