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Your sales are stagnating. These problems need to go away and you can’t do with the cost or stress of another strategic change. Business model changes take on average around 18 months to implement and most ecommerce consultants want to help solve a problem and end up staying to become one themselves.

Imagine Your Ecommerce Problems Disappearing in the Rear-View Mirror

No more stagnated sales and the initial model you were working towards ends up as you initially intended.

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Outcomes: You’ll treat this subscription as fire insurance more than fire fighting, but I don’t expect you signing up for help when there isn’t any fires.

I’ll help with high-level strategy and low-level tactics. I’ll improve costs, improve revenue and be in your corner for you when you need it.

Location: Remote.

Subscription: You’ll get tailored business advice, conversion advice, UX design advice, and optional access to me. Access over Video, Phone, Email or Messenger.

Fees: $2,000/mo

Payment Terms: Cancel anytime.

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