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My Tips for Better E-Commerce Product Page Design

Written by Reed

Having a very clear product offering that displays why someone should buy, what’s included in the offer, who the offer is targeted at with a price point that fits is a customer is the icing on the cake to the ultimate ecommerce store.

With that being said it offers the most amount of optimisation tips.


  • Always add the number and rating of product reviews directly under the product name.
  • Use product videos to enhance your popular offers.
  • Show all descriptions and attributes in the open, don’t hide detail behind tabs.
  • Utilise dynamic value pricing when you can. An old airline CEO once said you must have 6500 prices for 6500 customers.
  • Use After Pay (US can use Affirm) and other financing options is a great way to offer pricing options with easy purchase options.
  • Use scarcity when you have low stock or only sell in a certain time period.
  • Don’t use this just to build scarcity when you have 100 items in stock. That’s just lying and customers can sniff it out.
  • When a product is ‘out of stock’ make sure a notification option for restocking is present.
  • Make sure ‘Add to Cart’ button navigates straight to cart page or 1-page checkout.
  • In the CSS change font-size to 16px or higher for body text.
  • Add sizing guide as photo for clothing and apparel brands.
  • For easy reading use colours a few tones lighter than black. #000 is usually a little abrasive for reading a lot. Try other hex codes like #333, #444 or #555 …#999 might be a bit too light.