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The #1 Ecommerce Revenue Hack I Know

Written by Reed

Smart marketers know that the first sale is the only beginning of a relationship with a customer. If your marketing stops after the first sale, you are leaving money on the table. While there are lots of ways to extend that the lifetime value of a customer, there’s one thing you should be doing first.

Getting there eyes on the next thing you have to sell them..and I’ve come up with the perfect ecommerce revenue hack.

I’ll show you how I stumbled across it then let you can put it into action for yourself.

Okay so I opt in to plenty of email newsletters to get other peoples take on the stuff I learn. So I got this email linking to a post from Noah Kagan and he asked ‘What’s Your Normal Email Open Rate?‘.

He describes how he gets double the opens of his emails if he resends the email with a different compelling title.

I thought how I can change the game of my WooCommerce sites with a similar strategy of getting a user action after they’ve done something in the buying cycle. This is where my conversion hack comes into play…

…Upgrading Your Order Confirmation Emails!

A typical email open rate is 20%, and even in my best campaigns, I get an average of 55%.

But order confirmation emails? Those consistently get opened three out of four times. And with the WooCommerce checkout you generally only offer up a checkbox which gets ignored as a user generally has buying eyes on.

And yet the majority of WooCommerce store owners don’t do anything with them. They never update them from the WooCommerce default template.

Get Personal with a Trick Called ‘Personalisation’

This one modification alone will improve customer experience because they’re getting a personal thank you from their new friend, instead of a transactional email from a brand.

Rewrite those emails.  Make them personal, and make them come from you as the store owner. It’s an easy way to start building a personal relationship between you and your customers. One quick and easy way to do this? Thank them.

Plain-text and Keeping it Simple for the Perfect Revenue Hack

How do you think you would write an email to a friend? Definitely not with the shiniest graphics in the world. It could be 2 sentences. Subject with lower-caps even.


Time to Get Cracking!

What are you doing or planning on doing with your transactional emails? I’d love to hear, share your thoughts or questions with me.