How I Doubled MRR in 90 Days for Petzyo - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

How I Doubled MRR in 90 Days for Petzyo

Written by Reed

I wanted to show you how I kicked arse for my friends at Petzyo during COVID lockdown last year.

They were in an industry doing well and one left in my pipeline that weren’t lopping off their marketing spend.

So I offered up to throw caution to the wind and in return if I did well for them I’d get performance fee.

*80’s montage music starts*

After doing an audit, this is my prescribed intervention:

  • More effective marketing costs, optimised by design and email automation.
  • Improved website sales, optimised by design.
  • Higher re-engagement of current customers through email marketing and implemented sms where applicable. Consulting on other platforms where I see opportunities.
  • Improved sales from commercial partners.

And this was my methodology:

  • Advising where I need to based on website current behavioural flows and support queries.
  • Optimised user flow by updating current design and marketing automation where needed in the customer journey.
  • Speeding up feedback loops down to 28 days (from customer problem, design solution and implemented design).
  • Landing page design templates for basic use and commercial partner use with a pain, dream, fix method.
  • Lowering the barrier to entry for customers with email courses and pitch flywheel.
  • Marketing automation planning.
  • ‘Reed’s very limited design strategy’ for email design.

This is what Dave had to say:

Before hiring Reed we had been burnt by others over design and were reluctant to jump into another design project. Reed priced the risk up front so he only got paid his premiums when he performed. We’ve doubled MRR in 90 days.