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How to Show Your Prices Online – Make it Feel Lower or Higher

Written by Reed

Noticed a few businesses in high-touch sales lately use this huge sales mistake in their business.

Ok, I’ll go into a brief story about how I came across this tactic.

I read a load of books on business strategy and acquiring more clients. The clients I want are generally ones who want to pay me a sack load of money to make a lightweight, focussed design able to convert customers quickly.

Now I hit a patch where I was stacked with work, though my margins were thin. And effectively rendering me drained, unexcited by what I was doing.

This lead me to Tim Williams and Ron Bakers books on agencies and ¬†professional pricing. I learnt how to price on what a customer ‘feels’ the value of a job might be.

How a customer ‘feels’ about a price is how they should be priced. When you get on a plane and you book it within 3 hours you pay a much higher premium.

Now how can I design the look of these numbers to make a customer feel?
When you want a number to seem small, use ‘k’. When you want them to seem high right out the full number.

While a competitor might want to charge you ‘$27,000’ we’re confident we can come in at $25k.

$25k = looks like a much cheaper number.

$27,000 = looks a lot more expensive.

Now get on with it and make deals with this behavioural tactic in mind.