How I Increased a Beachwear’s Page Value 187% in 3 Weeks - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

How I Increased a Beachwear’s Page Value 187% in 3 Weeks

Written by Reed

Increasing page value in Google Analytics isn’t a super talked about thing and I really think it should be.  It is a clear indicator of increased value…throughout the whole website (or application). Also probably the one thing that can speak true if you’re hiring someone like me to grow your online business.

I conducted this test with zero paid marketing and measured only on-site analytics (and using the desktop site, this business has an older demo so cool your jets before we start optimising mobile).

Users Grow Patient if You Give Users What they Want

When you were a bit younger to you always wanted something so quick, right now even. And in time you’ve grown to be a bit more patient or sometimes even wary of picking up an item.

It’s because you’ve taught your brain to realise you have to work to get something. And that when you are ready to buy what you want, you also want the easiest method to pick something up.

My action was to figure out an issue with scan-ability of products. And if I could find a better solution…

…But My Client Wanted People to Buy this Month

That is fine. I’d built a site. Done all the commoditised work. Now it was my skin in the game. The top line value.

So the site was wide and took up the majority of the screen, similar to, looking back I was also looking at and as they were similar industries to the client

…and they were thin container sites. Like the 2011-2012 theory of all sites being 960px grid.

Finding Financial Growth Through Responsive AB Testing

When you’re AB testing in general you are usually changing some copy or code styling option presented in a way that still helps you purchase, though it’s only a different feel to a user that perhaps has been a custom to shopping in a certain way.

Not today…

I wanted to test the width of the site. 

With a responsive site and a %-based layout I could set my AB testing software to a width of my container and update accordingly.

I was shocked that the fluid width could scale according to the bottom line!

Week 1: Up 45% on the test as I moved the 1600px (centered) container of the website to 1240px.

Week 2: Up 108% on the test when I dropped it to 1040px.

Week 3: Up a whopping 190%…when I moved it to 1000px.


From User Experience to Modelling the User

Businesses in the past have asked me to model a businesses website in their industry. And it usually leads to poor results though this was a huge exception and we look to other industries for a remix. I found that what CityBeach was merely remixing SurfStitch’s website and they are very successful but all the credit to SurfStitch with this test.

Next time you want to model a brand in your own industry look at other industries and ones that are successful you might find a great nugget like this.


Updated page value on a beachwear website by 187%