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Landing Page Copy for Conversions

Written by Reed

This is an article that is meant to be simple. So simple in fact that you can use it today in your next sell for high level conversion copy. I didn’t want to write a 3000-word essay, just a simple nugget that can be referred to an iterated upon, definitely use this in your next landing page

The reason? I watched a lot of websites produce the same design over and over. And I had a couple of things to say about it. About selling and how the design industry is pretty terrible at it. This also turned me to think about the websites I produce!

Realising a lot of websites don’t think about persuasion at all!

Ok, have you ever wondered how the hell those crappy infomercials can stay on air for so long? It comes down to having a sales conversion framework that happens every single time, so that they don’t have to use large creative agencies and blow out their budgets.

It’s not glamorous at all. I can’t stand landing on a channel with one on.

You’re now thinking, they aren’t so effective are they? But damn I know a LOT of people who have bought off them ads… Believe it or not, they actually are. I bought my magic bullet off there and I recommend it to everyone.

Don’t you want to do effective sales that lead to conversions?

…Or are you just happy to write ‘we do [X]’ with a big fancy background image of your product and let the customers roll in?

You’re laughing now. Good. 

Ok what are the steps to this you ask? Simple. 3 sentences. 6 words.

The pain. The dream. The fix. 

The Pain of the Customer

How did I come about this framework initially?

Well I was so sick of web agency websites doing the whole “We make websites” thing instead of actually positioning their company, so I took a stand. I changed my thinking completely.

For instance I’d flip that on it’s head and say “do you need a website that converts up to 250% more?”. That touches the heart a bit. Everyone wants more money. Not having money is a huge pain. By responding to that pain I’ve touched the heart of the person that might be about to buy.

Do you really see what those sentences are doing?

I’m not writing ‘me’ copy I’m writing ‘you’ copy. Please start looking at some websites in your industry and see how they are writing their headlines. Or an email from one of your suppliers. You’ll start realising they’re all out for themselves. Kind of a bummer when you are paying them for a service or product.

Ok so another take away is that it’s listening to the market and responding. Listen & respond!

I’m not just selling a website. I’m selling the conversions of the websites I make. Far different than a pair of hands you simply hired on Google to do a similar job.

The Dream of The Customer

What do you do best? Shape your product with a convincing sell. You’ve already hooked the customer by the pain. Now tell a story about your product or service that can relate in the form of benefits (not features, Visual Website Optimiser finds this the most valuable tip in building content for a website).

A lot of my story-telling is based on a guideline of actionable steps to get the customer to do something. I know that people love easy, actionable steps when they are learning so I shape the dream around something that has a clear next step.

Don’t forget any social proof you can provide to make sure you’re seen as an ‘authority’. This will make all the difference in the dream. Having someone else go through your product or service and have great results will clear up any trust issues before ‘The Fix’.

The Fix for the Customer

This is my call to action.  A clear part of copy that will refer back to ‘The Pain’ in some way.

This is a nice little transition to get the user to buy. I like to really disguise this part. Usually by putting the hones on a time period.

I like to jazz this up with a little ‘call in the next 5 minutes’ or ‘1 spot left’ copy or in other words fear of missing out marketing.

PS My barista didn’t give me an ‘on Spec’ coffee.