[Case Study] Lecharl Watches - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

[Case Study] Lecharl Watches

Written by Reed

Building a WooCommerce store on “Lean Start-Up” Principles to get Lecharl Watches market strategy correct from day one correct and be able to pivot fast.

Kristoffer Nilsson came to me to execute on a watch company (Lecharl Watches) that would make money right off the bat. Him knowing me and my skills to execute a job in a size which was perfect for him to afford and get a version one to pivot from was paramount.

The Business Problem: Getting a Website That Sells

Knowing his budget and his Kickstarter type approach to making money I looked at his first 3 watches and discussed how he thought he might use social media and found he was going to flood instagram.

I knew there were themes with a lot of handy stuff he could utilise himself with new watches and outsourcing his photography and deep etching and came up with landing pages he could send people to to get a feel for the watches. He decided on calling them Collections.

And they were to be served as a lookbook of things…


Getting to Version 1

Only launching with 3 products, we didn’t get to have a good understanding of how marketing a ‘look book’ would be undertaken with a small product catalogue. I looked at various look books I loved. Like Ugmonk and P & Co to get a better understanding.

Coming up with an action photo and a product module that adds to the cart worked well.

Confidence in Launching an ‘Expensive Look’ on a Low Budget

People buy analogue watches as they are seen to be more of a social status than utility.

Kris and I had a lot of discussions around adding more to the site. More of this and more that. This didn’t help the site keeping in the nature of goal.

Keeping things simple really kept my clients anxiety low as he wanted return on investment ASAP.


Each Watch Model had Minimum Stock Amounts

Not executing on the website would have left my client $XXk in the hole. So I needed to get this right!

The Launch Was Prepared to Take Pre-Orders

When people came through Instagram onto the site I gathered emails with a compelling hook. ‘Get 10% launch price’. It wasn’t much, but it was what Kris was willing to take off and that was great. I would have preferred him not make any money and build some brand equity, this was his skin in the game, not mine.

Though the Pre-Order plugin I bought for WooCommerce worked great. He sold 6 in the first day with no actual following. These were his viability into actually buying the product.

Why Did He Choose Me?

He knew he could be transparent to me about money and get real advice that he could trust. Knowing that I’d designed for 6 years with small to medium sized businesses in the past.

I believed I could have saved his business between $6,000 – $22,000.

I chose great brand typefaces for him that had little cost to his business that could always look fairly decent whoever was using them.

This was the headstart this business needed.

We worked between Sweden and Australia. The communication Reed chose worked flawlessly and having his expertise around was incredible when I started my first business.
Kristoffer Nilsson, Lecharl Watches