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Losing Ecommerce Customers? 5 Ways to Bust Objectives

Written by Reed

I was at a dinner last night with a family friend who worked in merchandising in Australia’s leading online surf stores. They had issues busting objectives with particular products selling and they were referring to testing a new design on some product pages and content on those pages.

They didn’t use language that helped the customer, and that was the problem I help them come to on their own after asking if I could give them advice. So here are few things I mentioned that they could be doing to ease customer buying experience.

1. Telling the customer the product is in stock

People want stuff now. Make it clear you can have the damn thing. I can’t be clearer on that. You don’t have any stock?

Easy. Give them a way to back order.

2. Telling the customer it has Free Shipping

Via a US survey, 60% of consumers are more inclined to buy if free shipping is included. 43% cite free returns as an incentive to buy. So be wary of how you’re rewarding loyalty and configure your free shipping options to not stun a user on complete price when checking out. A good option to have is to completely price in costs of shipping and use FREE SHIPPING throughout your ecommerce store.

3. Telling the customer what other customers have said about this product

Using a review can give you another testimonial on why to buy. Giving you another person that is selling for you. If you’re getting negative reviews maybe think about not selling that product no longer or decide to improve it.

4. Telling the customer to live chat you

Having live chat gives you the ability to be acting cashier. That ranges from answering basic information you’ve missed on your page to selling directly on the benefits of the product one-on-one.

You might be missing out on defensive design strategies

Project management company, Basecamp had a user find a bug in their software during a trial. Using that situation to not only apologise, but to have a conversation with the user that lead to the user bringing their whole company on board and being around for quite a long time.

That was a significant brand value proposition which has zero ROI. Stuff like this can make a brand in retail.

5. Telling the customer to call you

People hate phone calls. I’ll do my best to not call anyone unless my house is burning down. Though, that’s me, one person. You can’t throw the baby out with the bath water, and if I could have my customers call me directly I’m sure it would lead to higher touch sales.

A phone call can fix plenty of issues of buying online, it’s the fastest way. So time to complete a purchase is another take away.

Quick tip: With WooCommerce you can Shop as a Customer and sell more to an older, less tech savvy audience. Particularly when they call you up.