Pattern Libraries Aren't Valuable for New Businesses - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

Pattern Libraries Aren’t Valuable for New Businesses

Written by Reed

In 2017 I was working on a platform that wasn’t ripe for long term use. It was successful, mainly because of marketing spend. But it was.

The business started designing it’s platform in 2013 and each part of the user flow wasn’t consistent with the last. Leading to a stylesheet that was enormous, 36,000 lines of code.

It was slow, bloated, and almost unusable.

The business profits were starting to halt. I could tell it was because of the speed of the app.

When I took over the platform as lead designer, I moved to implement consistent, reusable, components across the platform.

With help of some handy frontend developers, we started moving towards a unified system that could call on a core base of styles and break convention when needed.

We removed legacy styles and started replacing with a more elegant, long-term view solution. Which was a lot more intelligent for business and quick to market products.

So in short, they’re not that valuable until they are. The real value is in the ability to quickly ship work of a similar nature, extend previous styles and iterate across a platform.