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My Favourite Tips for Product Images

Written by Reed

In a place where somebody can’t physically see and touch your product, great product imagery is absolutely key. This is literally the difference between someone buying your product and not. If I only had a small budget I would spend it all on getting good imagery. is well known for it’s great product imagery. It has clean images on grey backgrounds and lifestyle imagery combined (hint: this type of layout works really well if you want to use a mix of imagery styles)

The truth is most of the time people don’t care what you’re site looks like. If the information is compelling and it’s easy to get around you’ve won 70% of the battle.


  • Utilise photography if budget is an issue. Good looking product is no.1
  • If you choose one item to start optimising in your ecommerce business start with photography. You can then focus on getting out of obscurity. You can’t do that without good product photos.
  • Videos are a great option in your product image gallery. Especially with expert influencers in the field of what you’re selling.