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Removing Bias of Bureaucracy

Written by Reed

It’s quite often someone comes to me trying to get a visually layer. I need to tell them in detail what it is I actually do. It is that, but it is also more.

In my popular article Design is Not Art, I state that how something is used, and why it is used is far more valuable than the visual layer.

Enterprise business is tedious. And as a small firm of one that relies on value-creation in these businesses I have an ethical duty of value to uphold when I go into one.

When I go into the business, it usually has a pre-conceived idea of what their solution needs to be.

There’s always follow up questions and the solution can be distilled down into one of a number of ways it to be implemented.

Why not the one that will garner the most impact?

And then I’m hit with a bunch of low value edge cases that affect the smallest of problems which I call the ‘Bias of Bureaucracy’.

Move on. Ship value on a ‘Bias of Impact’ instead.

How to Overcome ‘Bias of Bureacracy’

I wouldn’t say this is simple. Don’t let this sway you though.

I would refer back to the business case that was initially made. Because then you can find some answers. And answers lead to a reasoning of ‘why’ the project came about.