Run Towards Risk - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

Run Towards Risk

Written by Reed

You’ve thought to yourself on many occasions, “it shouldn’t be this hard to get more customers, my competitors look like they’re killing it”.

But the fact is your competitor is taking risks in the market. They’re spending more on the opportunity to gain a customer OR they’re being meaningfully different in the eyes of the buyer.

You see simply duplicating the practices of other businesses only keeps us trying to keep our heads above water, stuck in the present.

Therefore copying another business directs our already limited energy and resources toward avoiding risk instead of pursuing opportunity.

Basecamp actively pursues an anti-everything stance in their marketing. Their blog just takes it unethical corporations or calling out charlatans. They have a human side to their marketing, where their competitor Monday dot com bombards me with ads all day.


…but being different, is almost a better long term bet than speed. Customers smell it on you.

My rally cry is you should pursue risk, you should maximise your opportunity where you are right now. If you’re still in a job about to make the leap, leap. If you are playing it small with Facebook Ads double your daily spend. If you have a unique angle that could own a spot in the mind? Go on 60 minutes and call out your competitors…

There’s a lot of ‘ifs’ in your head right now, start acting on the ones that feel like you and run towards the ones that feels like risk, because that’s where profits are.