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My Favourite Store Social Proof Tips

Written by Reed

The thing with adding social proof is it has to be genuine. Too many people just shove quotes in and that’s it, but the reality is we know you’ve cherry picked them or even made them up. Let the customers speak for themselves without forcing it too much.

Utilise reviews if you can. If you’re using Shopify there are plenty of easy options here such as Yotpo, or which will send out automated emails asking your customers to review.


  • People trust news readers, so news outlets who publish positive PR articles about your business are your best friend.
  • Wait until you have a few reviews before you publish them on a product, having 0 reviews is worse than not showing reviews at all.
  • Social share links aren’t really necessary
  • Share links to publications and PR you’ve received or been featured in on Social
  • PPC ads that look like news articles do incredibly well.