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My Favourite Store Navigation Tips

Written by Reed

Navigation does more than just move people around the site. It’s hard to do well and it never gets enough thought. Though navigation will determine a lot of spend is the easiest item to test and iterate on your site for increase of conversions.

Bellroys navigation does a great job of educating on the product range as well as a navigation.

You want to be clear with how your products are grouped. In a previous article I explained how 2 store experiences could have quite a different navigation experience in the same industry. Both offer quite different experiences based on product line. One had 5 products, the other over 200. So giving the user a clear case to explore by categories or not is a huge deal in the buying process.


  • Make sure the logo clicks to the homepage. You don’t need ‘home’ in the menu bar.
  • Breakdown product categories with an image to differentiate types of products easily.
  • Make sure stores with a low number of products, utilise the space to explain the importance of having a low product number (expertise in space, owns a word in the mind regarding positioning).