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Stop Treating Email Subscribers as a Number

Your email list isn’t a # of names to hoard. It’s a group of people you have permission to market to. Some of those people hate you. Give them the chance to get off.


What Happens if You Focus Too Much on Traffic?

People have become obsessed with traffic metrics, so much in fact that they’ve missed the point in why they have a business in the first place, to make a customer. Modern marketing is comprised of 3 parts, traffic conversions and economics. Amateur marketers put their focus in that order above, where I focus on the … Read more


Million-Dollar Ecom Funnel

I wanted to show you a better way to build a funnel with some training I recently went through. Funnels are all the rage right now, where some people (myself included) are moving towards the idea that the traditional website is dying, mainly due to the advent of social media and how people use technology, … Read more


Look at Advertising as an Investment

There’s no better investment than advertising. Property, stocks, putting it in the bank (or crypto) are inferior to return on ad spend (or commonly known as ROAS). Your bank is offering less than 1%, so technically your money is going backwards if you factor in inflation. Your ads can get 305% return in 14 days … Read more