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Pricing is Underrated

You probably set your pricing and forget about it. Commercial airliners change their pricing 11,000,000 times per day. Uber has an insanely complicated pricing system that takes into account distance, demand and experience. They’re just an app which is an improvement on taxies. What do you sell? And how many different prices should you have?


Dynamic Pricing for E-commerce Stores

If I have 2000 seats to fill and 400 prices I know I’m missing 1600 prices. Ex-CEO of American Airlines Dynamic Pricing also called Value Pricing let’s you price the customer and not the product. So if you have multiple levers of value behind your product you sell there can be a number of different … Read more


Anchoring Your High Priced Product

A customer comes in, they look around, realise the best product you sell is this extravagant and luxury item. It’s a luxury for a reason, like most luxury items it’s not a need. People complain about it being too expensive and you agree. Time goes by and your business stagnates, you’re still getting plenty of … Read more


How to Show Your Prices Online – Make it Feel Lower or Higher

Noticed a few businesses in high-touch sales lately use this huge sales mistake in their business. Ok, I’ll go into a brief story about how I came across this tactic. I read a load of books on business strategy and acquiring more clients. The clients I want are generally ones who want to pay me … Read more