Twenty Nineteen - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

Twenty Nineteen

Written by Reed

2019 was a brilliant year, I’m extremely thankful for a lot. Especially my new wife Megan and our healthy son, Alfie.

So many things just worked out for us during the wedding and I couldn’t be more happy with how it went. There’s so much to sift through so I’ll it short and concise.

2019 by the numbers

  • Started writing on the blog. Only a few posts.
  • Travelled a lot less for work this year. 3/5 remote life. I was so much better off for it.
  • Consulted with 7 clients (3 chickens, 4 lambs, 1 whale)
  • Sold a solid number of productised services: Design Expresses & Design Rescues
  • Added Reed+ – Changed my boutique consulting to a subscription retainer.
  • Priced value-based fees 80% of the projects. Enterprise UX is quite tricky to manoeuvre the value conversation when procurement is involved.
  • Didn’t do any pro-bono work for charities this year, 2020 will be different. Please contact me.
  • Got 3 stomach bugs due to my son’s daycare ☹️

What happened in 2019?

I’ll break this down into work and personal.


I worked on a major UX + UI project for Australia’s 3rd biggest company. They later pushed me into the Principal UX Consultant role for the remainder of the year, which I feel I grew a lot, and learned to communicate better. That’s something I found at the enterprise level I needed work on.

Most of my time was spent building out conceptual design flows and comps, working with business analysts once they sifted through the data to question a lot of interactions and goals, and setting measures.

It’s healthy for me to work between strategy & execution. I get a kick with being hands on with execution when I’ve solved the problem.

My positioning went wide. I had gone deep in ecommerce the year before, but just felt being in a few verticals (ecommerce, Saas & Enterprise UX) worked well for marketing & my cash flow was great because of being able to work with almost anyone with a checkout or had a retention problem.

My thinking was my major focus this year. I wanted to say what was on my mind and I wanted to be smart about it. So much advice I give needs to be bold and if I’m not leading the way with my words, then why spend money on me?

My favourites were probably:

I took a course to sell better online (DYF The Blueprint), I also constantly had Million Dollar Consulting, Book Yourself Solid and Ultimate Sales Machine on my desk.

I reclaimed my office back this year. I’ll talk more about my renovations later.

I ran at 95% profitability and should make around A$200,000.

How can I improve in 2020?

  • Adding products
  • Adding education & courses
  • Higher value professional services
  • Way better marketing

Can you help me? Definitely chat to me via the website.


Megan and I got married in May. She’s the best. So much of how I go about my work and life is a reflection of being with her.

We got married in Byron Bay in a beachfront restaurant. It was managed so well. And I can’t recommend the team at Italian on the Pacific enough.

We renovated the downstairs of our Queenslander. We filled our double garage with a master bedroom and second living area. It is so much cooler in our climate to hangout down there.

Renovating was a good challenge once again, we barely noticed the builders and they wrapped up the job promptly. About halfway through the build I felt we had made the right decision. Not a huge ROI in terms of sale, but just to live comfortably in an uncertain market seemed worthwhile.

My office is back in full swing or whenever I’m not in with the big client I have. The renovations mean I’m at the back of the new renovations and I can cut off living and work areas with a sliding door.

My son was off to daycare in January. I enjoyed picking him up a couple of times a week, but I got sick so often. I asked for advice off a few people and Simon recommended washing his hands as soon as we get home. I’d really push other dads to be at home as much as possible for the first 2 years of their sons lives. It’s given me so much joy to watch him develop.

Miscellaneous things:


  • Parasite was great. Mike Jacovou and I tried our best to see it together, we failed and I watched it on a flight to Melbourne and told him after 😂


  • Vikings S5 – I don’t know how close this is to true viking history but Ivar was hard and crazy.
  • Mindhunters S2


  • I’ll miss Rafa Benitez dearly
  • Marnus Labuschagne in Brisbane test v Pakistan
  • Dave Warner in Adelaide Test v Pakistan

What’s next?

2020 is probably the year I try my best to release some products: Refactoring Ecommerce? a Shopify Theme? A forum? will go live? I don’t know.

More work with my favourite clients, hopefully more subscription services, Reed+ with an implementation component is an idea I’m throwing around.

More surf. More time with the family. More travel. More focus on sustainability too.