What Happens if You Focus Too Much on Traffic?

People have become obsessed with traffic metrics, so much in fact that they’ve missed the point in why they have a business in the first place, to make a customer.

Modern marketing is comprised of 3 parts, traffic conversions and economics. Amateur marketers put their focus in that order above, where I focus on the opposite, economics, conversions and traffic.

Most business experts will agree that the easiest way to improve a business is through price.

But the middle step, conversions is where the meat and potatoes of the work needs to be done. Any 5th grader can write down a higher price, but the skills to persuade, sell and craft brilliant offers is where we need to do the work.

Basing this on a $40 AOV (average order value) how much could we improve by?

  • 1% of 1000 users buy = $400
  • 2% of 1000 users buy = $800
  • 3% of 1000 users buy = $1200
  • 4% of 1000 users buy = $1600
  • 5% of 1000 users buy = $2000

If you have a 2% conversion rate, you’re leaving more than double your potential profits on the table. Now a 5% is a great conversion rate and it is very rare, but that should be your target.

How Do We Do it On Your Website?

By crafting better offers that psychologically move the customer through sales pages in a way that triggers them to buy.

If you don’t have good offers, for a clearly defined customer, then you’re just pissing your money into the wind.

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