What Should I Sell Online? - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

What Should I Sell Online?

Written by Reed

I was dumbfounded by this question. What should I be selling online?

If you can’t find that out on your own I’d probably recommend my coaching, but not to sound needy I’ll point out what a basic concept to most should be.

It comes in 3 forms.

Services, products and education.

Sure we could argue education or services is a product. But let’s be clear. We’re selling the desired future states that those 3 clarified sources give us on the other end.

Services give us a usually customised outcome for the end result we desire. The service can be productised and be sold to an average in a segmentation. A customised service gives us the perfect fit to our needs.

Products, usually have clear attributes that we can pre empt the outcome. Or be marketed to believe we will. They are on the shelf, with little discrimination added to price, and we can believe we’ll usually be able to come back to buy it again.

Education. Is a desired result after a timeframe designed to have you soak up knowledge to perform a duty where you’ll be able to better perform in a key area. Despite the ignorance of getting rid of customers after 4 years, universities are somehow still in tact.

Is it clearer for you now? Or do you not know yourself all that much?