Who to Hire Next in Your Ecommerce Business - Conversion Rate Optimisation Expert

Who to Hire Next in Your Ecommerce Business

Written by Reed

If I was starting an ecommerce store tomorrow this is the way I’d grow internally and who I’d have replace me in order.

In the early stages I’d realise the $10per hour, $100 per hour, $1000 per hour tasks. This should be the framework to give me the ability to scale quicker.

#1 VA(s) to fulfill orders/do customer service

A VA or virtual assistant to do the customer service parts that are critical to success and it it also takes an emotional toll if you get complaints a lot. This can happen with a new product.

#2 Paid traffic person to run your ads

The creative is the variable in most brands nowadays.

Once you get the initial ads correct, move on. Stop reinventing the wheel because the new, paid traffic person has the skills and data now to make decisions on what to do next and can translate anything that may need to change.

#3 Intentory Management Person to Manage Store

If you don’t have 3rd-party fulfilment or can’t get this part of the operations out of the way. Get someone who is really thrifty in the moving parts of getting product in the hands of customers.

#4 Content Person to Produce Custom Content

Bring in someone you trust to work on quality content. This can be an agency or 3rd-party, but ideally it isn’t a cost to be minimised. You are trying to get out of obscurity as much as possible and may be the main reason you are proftable in the organic space.

#5 Email Person for Email Marketing

Shocking absolutely no one you should be all in on marketing automation. Abandoned carts, product awareness campaigns, lead scoring, basic comms, coupons etc.

#6 Head of Marketing (to replace you)

In most modern businesses the CEO is the REAL chief marketing officer. The CMO is the implementation officer. But not particularly the strategist.

So move on getting a head of marketing to manage all the moving parts that market your brand the way you want.